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Stem Cell & Shockwave Therapy: Ease Pet Pain & Begin Healing

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The Animal Care and K-9 Rehabilitation Centers offer the most cutting-edge therapies for your pets, including regenerative stem cell therapy and healing shockwave therapy.

Stem Cell Therapy

We have become a national leader in regenerative stem cell therapy for pets. Stem cell therapy is a breakthrough in veterinary medicine, offering help for pets suffering from degenerative joint diseases such as arthritis.

Regenerative Medicine describes therapies that enable the body to repair, replace, restore, and regenerate damaged or diseased tissues. We have teamed up with Vet-Stem in providing your pets with their own natural healing cells to repair damaged tissues. These cells are capable of regenerating into a variety of tissue types, such as tendon, ligament, bone, and cartilage, providing pain relief in hip and elbow dysplasia and other degenerative conditions.

What is the Process?

Stem cells are processed from your animal’s own fat. The process is as follows:

  • Day 1—Our veterinarian collects the fat cells from your pet.
  • Day 2—Vet Stem processes the fat to concentrate the stem cells.
  • Day 3—We inject the stem cells into the affected area.

Stem cell therapy reduces pain and inflammation, regenerates damaged tissue, and restores range of motion for an improved quality of life. Learn more from Vet-Stem.

Shockwave Therapy

In shockwave therapy, high energy sound waves stimulate cells and release healing growth factors in the body. This process reduces inflammation and swelling, increases blood flow, helps restore bone, and enhances wound healing. These sound waves release higher energy and result in deeper penetration than with ultrasound or laser therapy.

What is the Process?

Average shockwave treatments take 10 minutes or less. Your pet is given a short-acting sedative to ensure comfort. We may shave or clip the area so the sound waves are not interrupted. We select the number of pulses for a specific area, apply the trode, and deliver the pulses.

It takes time for the biological responses to take effect and begin healing. Your pet should not take part in any strenuous or high-impact activity during this period. In many cases, a single treatment is sufficient for long-term healing, but we may recommend a second or third treatment a few weeks apart.

Learn more about shockwave therapy from PulseVet Technologies.

Shockwave therapy is a more affordable alternative to surgery or the long-term use of anti-inflammatory medications and requires fewer treatments than other therapies.

Contact our hospital to discuss the use of stem cell or shockwave therapy in treating your pet.

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