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Preventing Or Eliminating Pet Pain With Medication & Therapy

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The professionals of Animal Care Center and K-9 Rehabilitation take special care to prevent pain where possible and diminish suffering in our pet patients. We employ preventive pain management strategies tailored to the individual needs of your pet.

Pain Management Improves Healing & Enhances Recovery

Studies show that appropriate pain management reduces stress and speeds recovery. Whether your pet is experiencing an acute cause for pain, such as injury, surgery, or dental procedures, or is suffering from a chronic problem, such as arthritis, cancer, or disease, our team takes every step to ensure comfort.

Patients treated with appropriate pain-reducing medications and techniques enjoy a more rapid recovery from illness and an increased healing response after surgery and injury. Preventing and managing pain is the foundation for high quality and compassionate care. Assessment of pain is incorporated into every treatment plan, with strategies to prevent pain in advance when possible and suppress pain both during and after surgical or treatment procedures.

Our commitment to Excellence

To demonstrate our commitment to our pet patients, we are members of the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management (IVAPM). Some of the benefits and values of IVAPM membership include:

  • Excellence in animal care;
  • Raised standards of care regarding pet pain management;
  • Ethical and practical alignment with other professionals; and
  • Access to information, research, and data that reflects the most updated recommendations.

To Promote, Enhance, And Advance Pain Management in Animals

The International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management is a multi-disciplinary organization that seeks knowledge related to the biology and clinical treatment of pain in animals, promoting humane, scientific investigation into the biology of animal pain and treatment. Learn more about IVAPM.

Acupunctutre & Alternative Therapies

Acupuncture and chiropractic care is growing in popularity, and these are accepted forms of complementary, holistic medicine for animals. Research on conditions such as arthritis in animals has shown that acupuncture and chiropractic care have definite pain-relieving effects.

Our rehabilitation and therapy program offers many alternative therapies designed to reduce pain and promote healing including acupuncture, chiropractic, hydrotherapy, laser therapy, and more. Our alternative and traditional therapies are available to address pet pain at every level, with the goal that no pet ever suffers needlessly.

If you believe your pet is suffering, contact us at once to develop an appropriate pain management plan.

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