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K-9 Rehabilitation Team: Pet Rehabilitation & Pain Relief

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The Animal Care Center and K-9 Rehabilitation team is a leading animal rehabilitation center in the state of Utah. After earning her rehabilitation certification in 2004, Dr. Pam opened the first of its kind K-9 Rehab Center. Dr. Pam and Team, believe in offering the best, most thorough and complete care to all patients.

Pet Rehabilititation Services

Our K-9 Rehabilitation Center offers such therapeutic services as hydrotherapy with underwater treadmills and underwater e-stim, weight pulls, massage, ice and heat treatments, and laser therapy.

Our hospital has become a national leader in regenerative stem cell therapy, teaming up with Vet Stem in providing this extraordinary treatment. Your pets are treated with their own natural healing cells to repair damaged tissues.

We offer cutting-edge shockwave therapy that uses high energy sound waves to stimulate cells and healing. This treatment is used to reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, and enhance healing.

The Benefits of Pet Rehabilitation Services

In canine rehabilitation, we adapt human physical therapy techniques. These techniques are designed to increase function and mobility of joints and muscles in animals. Animal rehabilitation reduces pain and enhances recovery from injury, surgery, and age-related and degenerative diseases. In addition, it offers supportive therapy for obese pets.

Our goal is to decrease pain, speed healing, and improve quality of life for pets through rehabilitation services. While our use of therapy and rehabilitation is geared toward canines, techniques used in this discipline can also be applied to other animals.

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