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Is It Time?

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The hardest question of all is when to euthanize a pet.

There is never a time that it becomes an easy decision to say goodbye to a beloved friend, even when we have exhausted all of our medical resources and we know that a disease may be terminal.  What is most important for pet owners to understand is the quality of life of their pet, and this may not always be the easiest thing to recognize and evaluate. Even in the event of a medical crisis when we know that our four-legged friend is suffering, making the decision to let go remains a difficult and often painful decision.

When you recognize that supportive medical and emotional care for your pet can no longer be provided, we at Utah Pet Hospice support the choice to euthanize - we are here to help during this difficult time.  After all, providing our loved ones with dignity and peace when they are struggling is the best gift we can give them when they have given us so much.  Ultimately the quality of life of your pet is paramount in any decision that should be made- the following gives a description of aspects of quality of life to consider.

We'll support you

As veterinarians, we can provide medications and treatments to maintain the quality of our patient’s lives. Eventually, however, we may reach a time when treatments are no longer helping or there are simply no further options to explore.

Your beloved companion needs you to consider what is best for them, even when it is a painful and difficult decision. Ultimately this decision is yours as you know your pet better than anyone else, but we can help you to make the most loving and compassionate decision. When this time arrives, all of us at the Animal Care Center and Utah Pet Hospice are here to help.

Consultation to help you decide

Our doctors are happy to come to your home to do a basic consultation with your family. They can assess your pet’s condition, go over any issues you have been dealing with, and try to help you make the decision of whether it is time to say goodbye or if other measures can be taken to assist in improving your pet’s quality of life.

Our doctors and technicians are willing to help you proceed through the process of hospice towards a peaceful and dignified end to your beloved friend’s life, whether the process of letting go is through euthanasia or natural death. Rest assured that you will be guided through this difficult decision without judgment from us.

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I will never take my dogs anywhere else! All the doctors are down to earth and truly care about my pets. They have such a comfortable environment from the moment you walk in the front doors.

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